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The Studebakers





Cyndi Studebaker /Vocals, Keys, Percussion

Joe Cazh /Bass

Tom Steroid /Guitar

Ricky Brand /Drums

Dave Medely /Keys 



Here's the Studebakers single:

Muscle Girls


I got this quick update from Tom Steroid on 9/11/16:

Hey buddy, I'm well, on the 45 Tom Steroid...I saw on the net you want some info...glad to give it to you...I'm on tour backing up Hall and Oates . But will be back in St Louis on Sept 24th with my spin off studebaker band,

The Dead Comeros...I dont know if you know the Studebakers  have a box set coming out...

We played the first weekend that Blueberry Hill had live music, so Joe Edwards is into having it there...hope to hear from you soon. I have a busy day tomorrow playing Red Rocks tomorrow night..


Here is a photo of Tom now...




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