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Muddy Waters

724 North 1st Street, Laclede's Landing

Owners: Jim Huck, Denny Kreps, Bert Kasten and Dave Uthoff





A scan of a T-shirt sent to me by Glen.




Here's Tom Eigenseher stylin' in his Muddy T




KSHE's John Ulett introduces Dichotomy!




Here's a Muddy memory from Lt. Col. Dane Harrel USAF (Ret):

Hey Greg I came across your STL Music Yesterday's site and proceeded directly to the Muddy Waters page.  Lots of great memories from that place during my time as an AFROTC cadet at SIUE back in 1984-85.  My buddies and I would head over to the landing (I grew up and lived in O'Fallon IL at the time) and proceed directly to Muddy Waters for a couple beers.  As you probably know, Lee and the band, had a strategic position in the middle of the bar and made an art form out of commenting on people as they walked past the stage to cross the bar or to go to the restrooms.  What made it particularly entertaining was they'd be in the middle of a number and just stop playing so everybody in the bar knew something was coming.  Good looking girls would draw comments (never offensive), and so would guys in bad sport coats (Lee asked a guy in a plaid jacket if he was from St. Louis.  The guy said "No."  Lee says, "I didn't think so, because we don't sell shit like that in St. Louis.  That jacket looks like the seat covers from my 48 Ford.").  During the 85 World Series, they let a Royals fan (wearing a KC jacket) make it all the way to the middle of the bar and then had the bouncers hoist him up and carry him to the door.  The Cardinals fans cheered!  To the bar's credit they brought the guy back inside to the middle of the bar and bought him a drink to the applause of the locals. My friends and I hadshort military haircuts, unlike many of our peers.  On more than a couple occasions as WE walked past the stage the music stopped.  Lee would very politely say "Excuse me you guys, but are you in the military?"  We would answer that we were ROTC cadets at SIU and Lee would pour us a drink and lead the bar in a toast saying some variation of "Thank you.  It's guys like you that make the 4th of July possible."  We weren't always well received on campus, but we were always treated well by Lee and the guys at Muddy Waters.  I'll never forget it.  If I knew where he was, I'd buy Lee a drink--or two. Lt Col Dane E. Harrel, USAF (Retired)O'Fallon IL






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