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Jay Barry Band








Jay Barry /Keys, Vocals

Ralph Butler /Vocals

Geoff Meyers /Vocals

Cornell "Pops" Harvey /Vocals

Ray Walsh /Vocals

Alexander Kaid /Vocals

Perry Resnick /Guitar, Vocals

Fritz Uhle /Guitar

Pat Brogan /Drums, Vocals

Michael McNeal /Drums

Bob Hunning /Drums, Vocals



Ken Gant /Bass, Vocals

Dave (Saint) Louis /Vocals

Tom McCormick /Vocals

Robert Fasnacht /Vocals, Percussion

John Fazio /Bass, Vocals

Gordon Montgomery /Vocals

RIP Rondo Leewright /Vocals

Danny Freeman /Vocals

Paul Motika /Guitar, Vocals

Chris Bebee /Guitar

Joe Bebee /Bass























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Special thanks to the Lary Slusser Collection and Vicki Bittick!