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If you would like to send me your photos of you and your friends visiting these clubs, dancing to these bands etc, send them and I'll post them. If you want me to list names, simply provide them and try to remember something about the photo, where it happened, who was playing etc. please remember the timeline...60's thru 80's!



Please take some time to look through the website for John Neiman's GREAT book:

 "In Concert: KSHE and 40+ Years of Rock in St. Louis"

(and then please buy one!)



Michael McDonald's wedding party; I see Russ Bono, Steve Scorfina and Chuckie Sabatino...

Can you all please email me if you know any of the others?

(Thanks to Gary Poggemoeller for identifying the guy in the sunglasses as Dan Duncan, and between Dan and Chuckie is Pat Malloy!)


A trip to the Dream Factory!


Here's the autograph wall of the Ambassador Theater dressing room area...some great signers!



Rich Lang's Hagstrom guitar. This one is identical to and replaced the one stolen from him at

Busch Stadium, the day The Del Rays opened for the Beatles!





Listen to KXOK Johnny Rabbitt promo:





RIP John Fornaszewski

A wonderful guy and great drummer, John owned a Drum Shop and Studio in Granite City



Before fame, Gretchen Wilson was a member of Bay Wolfe and released this CD here!


Tons o' Fun at the Granny's Reunion


Thanks to Steve Scorfina here's a CLASSIC photo of Blytham Bands featuring REO Speedwagon with Steve Scorfina; Blue with Michael McDonald, Bob Bortz, Patrick Molloy & Russ Bono; The Esquires featuring Dana & David Buck & Doug Livingston; The One Eye Jacks with Michael Murphy, Barry Fossman & Tom Kelly; The Finchley Boys with George Faber and of course the late great Dan Fogelberg. Bytham Limited management - Iving Azoff, Bob Nutt, & John Barrack.


Once, "THE" place to buy the most coveted musical gear!


That's Rush's Don Westerholt (front & center) on Pavilion Hill in Forest Park!


Don and Rory Gallagher with local celeb Greg Edick at Westport Playhouse



John Neiman

Jan Sutton




Allen Firebaugh, Greg Bishop, Chuck Kiel and Robin Knuckles

at Griffin Reunion in 2006



When Club Owners were REAL men: l to r; Dale Martin (Bastille); Lou Biggs (Fat Cats); Wayne Gum (Bastille); Terry Weir (4th and Pine) and Rich Hahnenkamp (Music Room)





Chris Betta, Kimberly Hughes and Donna Barkley enjoying Superjam 1980!


I attended this GREAT first look ever at Iggy!


Pat and Sherrie (Raymond) Clark operate a styling booth at the 1967 KXOK Fun Fair




One of Andy "Harp" Irvine's jams in the late 70's.
Left to right Jack "Kent" Toman, vocals and flugel horn, Ed Korte in hat behind Jack, tenor sax, Ed Kotowski, drums, Leon Haberberger, bass, Jimmy Hoff, guitar.



Some would call this a biblical sign of Armageddon-Denny, Ike and Art arm in arm (also pictured-Gigi)

at Thom Bowles Memorial




Diane, Kathy, Sue and Debbie-Halloween at The Granary


Uriah Heep's Ken Hensley and KHTR's Kevin McCarthy hosted the Stages Help Concert

Here's Ken Hensley with U S A Band at 1986 Stages Help Concert:

Easy Livin'


Who remembers partying on the Pres?



Contemporary's 1977 Superjam

Here's a GREAT SUPERJAM story I got from Randy Alexander:

Speaking of concerts, I see you show the Grand Slam Super Jam at Busch Stadium. Maybe you can help me out with something on this. I got a great story for you and I'm looking for some pictures. In 1980 I had a small T-shirt and cap business selling printed stuff to bars and at special events. For the 80 Super Jam the headliners were Sammy Hagger and Journey and a lot of other big names. KSHE 95 was advertising were your red in support of Sammy the red rocker. We decided to make up shirts & caps in red with the grand slam logo on them and sell them at the event. We managed to get back stage at the stadium to give the red caps to Sammy and his band. We got to hang out with them a little before they came on. We ourselves had the shirts & caps on. The security guys thought we were part of the promotion crew. During the concert there was security sitting on the walkway on the scaffold that ran in front of the massive speaker columns on both sides of the stage above the 8 foot high wall dividing the stadium at the stage. Those guys were up there drinking Jack and smoking having a good old time. We climbed up and joined in checking out the crowd. It was hot as hell that day. People were sweltering out there in the field down in front of us. Behind the wall in the back stage area they had fire hoses laying on the astro turf wetting it down. I was told it was to keep the fireworks from burning the turf if they shot them off. It didn't take long for me to figure out what to do with those hoses. I leaned over to my buddy down below and told him to drag one of those hoses over. The security guys knew what I was up to. They helped to pull the hose up to me. I put my thumbs over the end and began to hose people down out in the audience. The crowd went wild. I walked along the walkway till I got to the main stage. It stepped up about a foot. I stopped there and continued hosing everyone I could. Journey was playing at the time. Steve Perry liked the whole Idea and when it came to an instrumental part he motion for me to come on up onstage with him and the hose. he took the hose and began hosing everyone. Now the crowd was really going wild. I stood off to the side and then the stage manager came over and said the water was going to get into the electrical equipment. He said go tell Steve to give you the hose back and take it down on the side again. I told Steve and then he turned the hose on himself and then on me before he handed it back. It was great. The security guys continued to hose the crowd down on both sides the rest of the day to help keep them cool. I had my fifteen minutes of fame! It made the paper showing the crowd being hosed down on both sides. I would truly love to have a picture of me onstage with Steve Perry or any others of me hosing the crowd. If you run across any please let me know! I'm the dark haired guy with moustache wearing the red grand slam shirt and cap and aviator glasses. Years later I ran into a friend that was a roady for Journey then. He said he had some pictures. He said he couldn't believe it was I, but it was obvious because he recognized me and told him just how it happen. I lived out of town and lost touch with him


Jon Ubben presents Barb Sarro-Allison with a gift at Ricco's in Granite City





I came across this and just had to post it...Noah's Ark in St. Charles



Tom Brooner's wedding, 2000, back row, l to r, Harold Draper, Mark Arbogast, Jim Luepke, Greg Bishop,

Mark Potillo,Kirk Potillo. Seated, l to r, Steve Fears, Rick Heim, Tom Brooner and Jim Gentemann


John Weitekamp, John Leahy and Michael McDonald at Edwardsville Holiday Inn, 1976 after

Doobie Brothers at MRF!





Me, at the famous Kiel Auditorium Stage Door!




The Allman Joys were a fixture in St. Louis' Gaslight Square!



A very sad photo, one of the once mighty tent poles of  MRF, now being swallowed by nature


Here's a great note I got from Phil Fitzgerald on 12/18/10

  I just came across your site. This is a GREAT site! I live in KC now but I grew up in St. Louis from 1954 to 1979 in University City on Central Ave., just south of the St. Louis County Courthouse. I was a paperboy for Bennie Komm located at Central and Forsythe. I had a "Paper Route" from age 10 to 15 years old. 

  I went to St. Joseph's Catholic School. My sister did as well and I can remember Bob Kuban playing for a dance at the school. I was too young to get in, but watched them play from a distance. I also started playing drums back then and purchased my drums at a music store owned by Bob and Phil Hulsey. I never met Bob though. It was in the "Northland Shopping Ctr. in Jennings, MO.

  I won a lot of records calling into KXOK and to this day remember most all the DJ's. I can't remember what movie I rented last week!


Thanks a lot for the memories,


Phil Fitzgerald



KSD's weekly show, "The St. Louis Hop"



A 1976 Griffin picnic at Woodland Park in Collinsville



Danny Prosser , Callie Bishop, Ringo and Greg Bishop cross Abbey Road in 2007




Thanks to Sherry Raymond; Greg Allman's FB page, Tim Neely, Kathi Grant,, Melissa Jones Sulier