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The Avon Ladies





Jef Schmidt /Vocals

Fritz Beer /Guitar

Todd Admire /Bass

Kevin St. Cin /Drums




The Avon Ladies info came with a nice note from vocalist Jef:

Over the course of their career together, the band managed to book gigs at clubs in college markets like Carbondale (ABC Liquors), Columbia (Poison Apple), Charleston (Ted’s) and Springfield (Positively Fifth Street) and Macomb (?), Lebanon (McKendree College) while all the while maintaining a hate/hate relationship with the STL new wave cognoscenti at Jet Lag.  More punk than any St. Louis acts, the band always managed to get through plenty of drunken gigs and more than a few altercations with New Wave posers.  The Pylon gig at Lindell Club was especially entertaining with Beer smashing some kid in the head with the neck of his guitar and have to play the last two songs with several  broken strings.   


The Avon Ladies recorded several original songs including the following:


*Somebody Killed The President


*Silly Little Morons

*Idi Amin

*Yorkshire Ripper

*Wanna Go to Germany


*(Blow ‘em up) IRA





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Thanks Fritz Beer